JF Kapnek Trust | Zimbabwe

By tackling the toughest challenges, the JF Kapnek Trust responds to the most urgent threats to child survival, healthy growth and educational opportunity for Zimbabwe’s children — devising solutions and partnering with the local government and communities to implement meaningful change.


Program: Preschool-Child Health Program - ensuring Zimbabwe's youngest children get off to a good start

Over twenty thousand 3-5 year olds attend a Kapnek supported pre-school where they receive  a rich education, hot meal and regular health check ups.


EVENTS: JF Kapnek Trust Family Fun Run - a cultural exchange and fund raiser for all ages.

Each year on a sunny day in April, Zimbabwean music fills the California air while families participate in a 5K race to raise funds for the Trust. 



Through Kapnek support, a renovated and refurbished Harare Children's Hospital has reopened, ensuring Zimbabwe's children again have access to pediatric-specific medical services.


HOW IT’S DONE: Sustainable, Scalable, Locally Managed

In all it's efforts, The Kapnek Trust invests in Zimbabwe by implementing locally managed programs that can grow and thrive with a helping hand.